Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush TattoosAirbrush Tattoos are a great alternative to traditional Face Painting. Because it uses compressed air and stencils, its application is much faster. -Perfect for the younger kids that have a hard time sitting still. Airbrushing reduces long lines and allow each guest to get multiple designs.


Airbrush Tattoos are a modern form of "face painting". Airbrushing is not limited to just your face. We've found that most children prefer it on their arm or shoulder where they can see it. We have over 200 stencils to choose from.

The paint we use is make-up grade, designed for face and body art. The paint is splash-proof, and once dried, it doesn’t rub off on the furniture or clothes. Airbrushing is very sanitary. The only thing that touches the skin is the stencils. The stencils are designed to be completely replaced after several uses. Please note: Airbrushing requires electricity.