Balloon Entertainment

Our signature style, Costume Balloons!

Balloon EntertainmentWe offer a very high level of Balloon Twisting!

"When you make the costume balloons, the dynamic of the party changes. Everyone starts role-playing and interacting with each other. Awesome!” - Coree from Mountain View.

Lately, a popular boys' birthday theme is Star Wars. This would include wearable Jet Packs and helmets, laser blasters and lightsabers. For girls, riding ponies and unicorns, tiaras and magic wands with LED lights, fairy wings and much more!

Costume balloons are the perfect solution for outdoor events. They last much longer when you can wear them and keep them off the grass. - Daniel (owner)

Headband Balloons and LED lights!

Headband balloons with LED lights are a SUPER HIT! 

It’s a great way for guests to get a balloon without having to holding it. Adults love them too.

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